S1E3: Flint and Environmental Justice

by Seven Scribes Editorial Board

Just what is happening in Flint and why?

On this episode are joined by CityLab’s Brentin Mock and the Center for Public Integrity’s (and Flint native) Talia Buford to discuss the lead and water crisis in Flint, Michigan, what it means for other at-risk places, and the role of Civil Rights law in protecting vulnerable communities.

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Read Brentin’s latest on EJ and civil rights here: http://www.citylab.com/politics/2016/03/why-the-us-civil-rights-commission-is-investigating-the-epa/473487/

And check out Talia’s incredible series on the EPA & civil rights complaints here:http://www.publicintegrity.org/environment/environmental-justice-denied

*This episode was reposted after a site malfunction deleted it

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