About Us

SEVEN SCRIBES is a new media site that aims to embrace the digital environment in a new way. We are committed to creating a space where Black and allied young writers and artists can offer commentary and analysis on politics, pop culture, literature, and art. This is a space where writers and artists can experiment with content and be intentional. We are also a space that mentors and provides rigorous and ethical editorial services for those creators.

WHO WE ARE:  The scribes, JOSIE HELEN, fivefifths, FRANK JACKSON, EVE L. EWING, TREY SMITH,  and ERIKA STALLINGS are all independent creatives working to use our voices to create new online spaces. We are writers with other day jobs. Each of us has extensive experience in the world of online content creation and each brings a fresh and different perspective to writing and art.

WHAT WE OFFER that differentiates us from what’s already out there is a structure built on principles, principles that we believe represent a vision of the future of online content creation. In short, the values of INNOVATION, QUALITY, FREEDOM, BRAVERY and COLLABORATION guide what we do and produce.

Our aim is to think differently about the internet. Or at least to suck a little less.

Our aim is to create a more engaging and reflective environment than the clickbait, sensationalism, and slideshow-centered web infrastructure that dominate commentary geared towards us. Part of this aim is rooted in our  structure: we are concerned with depth, engagement, and thoughtful consideration. We want to add dimension to conversation; to think critically about issues. Our goal is not to beat the clock.  We want to find ways to measure actual engagement with our material and its impact on real debates.

We are SEVEN SCRIBES, and we are the future of the internet. Stay tuned.



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