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The Wonderful Afrofuturism of ‘The Wiz’

In Culture, Film by fivefifths1 Comment

The Wizard of Oz is, as the saying goes, as American as apple pie. Every year at least, I’d crowd around a screen with family to watch Dorothy’s teleportation from sepia-seeped Kansas to technicolor Oz, a tradition that I imagine many American families share. However, my family shared another tradition that many others did not.…

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Dance Like Your Friends Are Watching

In Culture by Nafisa EltahirLeave a Comment

People these days are increasingly characterizing pop culture as having entered the “age of the booty”. Read a couple think pieces and you’d think twerking was a special magic only revealed to us a couple years ago. Talk to a black girl anywhere in the world, however, and they'll tell you that's nonsense. There hasn't…

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Thoughts on Chi-Raq

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I genuinely don’t know where to begin. All I know is that I watched Chi-Raq last night and I feel...feelings. So let me tease them out. First of all, Chi-Raq is a beautiful film, visually. Director Spike Lee is up to all of his old tricks, and a few new ones. There’s striking bold text,…

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The NFL’s War on The Black Body

In Culture, Social Justice, Sports by Hanif Willis-AbdurraqibLeave a Comment

Ohioans have dueling misery on either side of the state: In Cleveland, the Browns serve as unapologetic harbingers of misery each year. In Cincinnati, the Bengals drag fans slowly through a bright and promising season before dashing dreams during the playoffs. As an NFL fan and loyal Ohioan, I am familiar with both extremes of…

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Race in “Fear The Walking Dead”: Will the Real Latinos Please Stand Up?

In Art & Media, Culture, Television by Feliz MorenoLeave a Comment

I know it's full The Walking Dead season after last night's season premiere, but I am still recovering from its younger sibling's brief time on TV. After the short six episode run of the first season of AMC’s latest series spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, I am both impressed and unimpressed with how the creators have dealt with the…

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Straw Freshmen: Why the War on Campus PC Culture is Bullshit

In Culture, Education by fivefifths3 Comments

PC culture. It’s the new evil gripping the millennials of this country, coddling all of our college students so they become unquestioning, reactive drones; social justice warriors who put their icky feelings above everything else, whine over perceived microaggressions, and shout down and sue everyone who disagrees with them. They label anything remotely offensive as…

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In Culture, Music by Rob Henderson2 Comments

Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto. “I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me.” - Terence When the Eagles lost the Super Bowl in 2005, I didn’t care. I wasn’t interested in sports, I didn’t watch the games and it wasn’t a part of my life. The opposite…