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Concealed Carry as a Black Woman: How Safe Are You?

In Social Justice by Tonia ThompsonLeave a Comment

Envision someone with concealed weapons permit and you’ll probably imagine a gun-totin’ redneck. But while white males do comprise the overwhelming majority of permits, Black Americans are increasingly applying to carry a gun for protection. As more threats and acts of racial violence make the news, Black people are right to fear for their safety,…

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Dance Like Your Friends Are Watching

In Culture by Nafisa EltahirLeave a Comment

People these days are increasingly characterizing pop culture as having entered the “age of the booty”. Read a couple think pieces and you’d think twerking was a special magic only revealed to us a couple years ago. Talk to a black girl anywhere in the world, however, and they'll tell you that's nonsense. There hasn't…

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Sharing the Load: On Supporting Black Women in Protest Times

In Culture by Garfield Hylton1 Comment

I just feel like I’m always giving everything to everybody and I’m never getting anything in return!     My girlfriend is almost 700 miles away, yelling about her drunk best friend,  who left her alone at a party. The pain in her voice was visceral, stinging harder than a game-losing interception in the Super…