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S1E2: Today’s Fight for Environmental Justice

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Beyond Flint, what are some environmental issues that I should care about? On Season 1, Episode 2 we are joined by Aaron Mair, the first African-American president of the Sierra Club, and Phaedra Pezzullo, environmental justice expert and Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Culture at the University of Colorado Boulder. We discuss the recent history…

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S1E1: Who are the Gullah/Geechee People? EJ in Rural Areas

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If God is willing and the creek don't rise. But what if it does? Enjoy #7on7 Season 1, where we discuss the environment and environmental justice! This season takes on pollution, climate change, crises like Hurricane Katrina, and policy decisions and explores how they threaten communities of color and marginalized communities. Do you know who…

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The People You Bring With You: A Conversation with Mychal Denzel Smith

In Culture, Literature by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib1 Comment

I have, for years now, watched Mychal Denzel Smith navigate often difficult topics with surgical precision. His approach to how we wrestle with black masculinity while also fighting for women’s rights, and the rights of people of color in queer and trans communities has always pushed me forward in my journey as both a writer and someone aiming…

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Seven on Seven Podcast Teaser: The Golden Age

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Seven on Seven is live! Take a listen to our teaser episode featuring @Felonious_Munk and discussing this golden age of Black creators and creative spaces. Keep a look out for our first season later this month! Please check us out on Spreaker and stay tuned for iTunes and Soundcloud links!

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Are Anti-Poverty Programs Really Substitutes for Reparations?

In News & Politics by fivefifths3 Comments

Racial inequality and economic inequality are not synonyms. That premise is the foundation behind an intellectual skirmish between The Atlantic columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates and other commentators about Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ stance (or lack thereof) on reparations for black people. What follows here is not a rehashing of that debate--that has been handled capably by…

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The Evolution of Kendrick Lamar

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Something special happened to me four years ago at the 9:30 Club in D.C, slam in the middle of the awful August 2011 heat wave in a room full of sweated-out shirts. A concert with some friends, one of those summer internship thrills that becomes all you remember after the coffee-making and dry cleaning delivery…

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“Key & Peele”: A Comedic Identity Study

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Honest hour, I was not a day one “Key & Peele” fan. My first formal introduction into the world created by co-creators/stars Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and director Peter Atencio was this YouTube clip: The sketch opens at the 5th Annual Meeting of the Tallahassee Black Republicans. The opening speaker, played by Jordan Peele, is decrying the…

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Race in “Fear The Walking Dead”: Will the Real Latinos Please Stand Up?

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I know it's full The Walking Dead season after last night's season premiere, but I am still recovering from its younger sibling's brief time on TV. After the short six episode run of the first season of AMC’s latest series spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, I am both impressed and unimpressed with how the creators have dealt with the…

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Straw Freshmen: Why the War on Campus PC Culture is Bullshit

In Culture, Education by fivefifths3 Comments

PC culture. It’s the new evil gripping the millennials of this country, coddling all of our college students so they become unquestioning, reactive drones; social justice warriors who put their icky feelings above everything else, whine over perceived microaggressions, and shout down and sue everyone who disagrees with them. They label anything remotely offensive as…