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The Use of Racism

In Social Justice by Kevin QuinnLeave a Comment

On my best days, I walk with my head held high—over or beyond the mystifying childishness that makes a white man wonder if I belong in the airport lounge sitting next to him; or even (though it is a far harder head holding to manage) over or beyond the incomprehensible savagery that makes white police…

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The Birth Certificate

In News & Politics by Morgan JerkinsLeave a Comment

My birth certificate is a thin, yellow slip that states my name, Morgan Simone Regis Jerkins. Underneath my name are thirty-five dashes that reside in the place meant to indicate “Name of Father.” I quivered the first time that I saw it. Not even a blank space or an asterisk to indicate that my father’s…

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By the Content of Cousin Pam’s Character

In Culture by Ashon Crawley1 Comment

The Cosby Show was never intended as mere entertainment. It was much more like Sesame Street teaching us letters and numbers, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood teaching us about make believe and Barney & Friends teaching us about feelings. Bill Cosby, from the very beginning, saw his role as a teacher assessing the problems of Black America…

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Affirmative Whiteness

In Education by Donald Earl CollinsLeave a Comment

For now, race-based affirmative action in US higher education remains constitutional, as the Supreme Court ruled in June via Fisher v. University of Texas II. Still, one fact remains evident: for many Americans, the idea of any Black applicant being more qualified to attend any predominantly White university than any White applicant is simply inconceivable.…

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Life After Losing Jordan: When 3 1/2 Minutes Becomes Forever

In Film by Bradford Howard1 Comment

"You were supposed to protect him.” Barely five minutes into the HBO documentary 3 ½ Minutes, 10 Bullets, director Marc Silver depicts Jordan Davis’s parents, Lucia McBath and Ron Davis, having a conversation at the kitchen table. Davis is, of course, the 17-year-old Jacksonville, Florida, teen who was shot and killed during a disagreement at…

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How to Stay Woke in a Room Full of Hoteps

In Culture by Brian Kennedy IILeave a Comment

The current liberation movement is under threat. Fueled by the modern lynching of Black bodies, this movement faces one of the same internal foes that have threatened Black liberation movements before it. This threat, a Black patriarchy and oppressive machismo, has been pervasive in Black liberation movements dating back to the abolition movement of the…

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Waxed Cotton Is Only So Protective

In Culture, Fashion by Melvin BackmanLeave a Comment

It’s not that cute. The collar’s uneven. It looks dusty. But I pined for my Barbour Beaufort for a long time. I don’t remember where I was when I found out Trayvon Martin had been shot, but I remember scrolling through timelines furiously as I and others tried to find out what happened. When we…

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The Tyranny of the P.C. Police

In Education by Samuel EllisonLeave a Comment

A few months ago, Wesley Morris, deemed 2015 “The Year We Obsessed Over Identity”. Morris, one of the foremost Black culture critics writing today, argued that last year our culture was confronted with identity and its intersections in ways that we are not yet accustomed to. A more accurate characterization might be that we have…