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How to Stay Woke in a Room Full of Hoteps

In Culture by Brian Kennedy IILeave a Comment

The current liberation movement is under threat. Fueled by the modern lynching of Black bodies, this movement faces one of the same internal foes that have threatened Black liberation movements before it. This threat, a Black patriarchy and oppressive machismo, has been pervasive in Black liberation movements dating back to the abolition movement of the…

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S1E4: Gender, Reproductive Rights, and the Environment

In Podcasts by Seven Scribes Editorial BoardLeave a Comment

On Episode 3, we are joined by Julie Sze, a Professor and the Director of American Studies at UC Davis and the founding director of the Environmental Justice Project for UC Davis’ John Muir Institute for the Environment, to discuss gender, women's health, reproductive rights, and environmental injustice. This is an issue in an international…

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Straw Freshmen: Why the War on Campus PC Culture is Bullshit

In Culture, Education by fivefifths3 Comments

PC culture. It’s the new evil gripping the millennials of this country, coddling all of our college students so they become unquestioning, reactive drones; social justice warriors who put their icky feelings above everything else, whine over perceived microaggressions, and shout down and sue everyone who disagrees with them. They label anything remotely offensive as…

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Sharing the Load: On Supporting Black Women in Protest Times

In Culture by Garfield Hylton1 Comment

I just feel like I’m always giving everything to everybody and I’m never getting anything in return!     My girlfriend is almost 700 miles away, yelling about her drunk best friend,  who left her alone at a party. The pain in her voice was visceral, stinging harder than a game-losing interception in the Super…