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The Tyranny of the P.C. Police

In Education by Samuel EllisonLeave a Comment

A few months ago, Wesley Morris, deemed 2015 “The Year We Obsessed Over Identity”. Morris, one of the foremost Black culture critics writing today, argued that last year our culture was confronted with identity and its intersections in ways that we are not yet accustomed to. A more accurate characterization might be that we have…

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S1E2: Today’s Fight for Environmental Justice

In Podcasts by Seven Scribes Editorial BoardLeave a Comment

Beyond Flint, what are some environmental issues that I should care about? On Season 1, Episode 2 we are joined by Aaron Mair, the first African-American president of the Sierra Club, and Phaedra Pezzullo, environmental justice expert and Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Culture at the University of Colorado Boulder. We discuss the recent history…

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The People You Bring With You: A Conversation with Mychal Denzel Smith

In Culture, Literature by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib1 Comment

I have, for years now, watched Mychal Denzel Smith navigate often difficult topics with surgical precision. His approach to how we wrestle with black masculinity while also fighting for women’s rights, and the rights of people of color in queer and trans communities has always pushed me forward in my journey as both a writer and someone aiming…

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Straw Freshmen: Why the War on Campus PC Culture is Bullshit

In Culture, Education by fivefifths3 Comments

PC culture. It’s the new evil gripping the millennials of this country, coddling all of our college students so they become unquestioning, reactive drones; social justice warriors who put their icky feelings above everything else, whine over perceived microaggressions, and shout down and sue everyone who disagrees with them. They label anything remotely offensive as…

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Be Real Black For Me: A Review of “Dope”

In Culture, Film by Israel DaramolaLeave a Comment

Recently, I went to see the film Dope: a movie that’s reminiscent of the 80s goofballs-get-into-wild-misadventures genre of broad comedies. The film follows a high-school senior named Malcolm (played by Shameik Moore), a socially awkward kid with an obsession with the 90s that he shares with his two best friends Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) and Jib…

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Scribes at the Movies: Good Burger

In Culture, Film by Eve L. EwingLeave a Comment

Good Burger turns 18 tomorrow! Join Eve and Vann as they discuss the movie's plot, cultural significance, and artistic relevance. Art by Eve L. Ewing and Trey Smith ELE: Okay, maybe we can kick it off by talking about the music since that is a big part of why we wanted to do this. I…