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Beyond Ourselves: A Fiction Anthology

In Literature by Seven Scribes Editorial BoardLeave a Comment

One of our promises when we started Seven Scribes was to work to put together print editions of collections of work that go deeper than our website can. We wanted to be able to feature our diverse community of writers in as many ways as possible and in genres and formats outside of our essay…

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The People You Bring With You: A Conversation with Mychal Denzel Smith

In Culture, Literature by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib1 Comment

I have, for years now, watched Mychal Denzel Smith navigate often difficult topics with surgical precision. His approach to how we wrestle with black masculinity while also fighting for women’s rights, and the rights of people of color in queer and trans communities has always pushed me forward in my journey as both a writer and someone aiming…

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Between the Words and Me: Reading Coates and Lee

In Literature by fivefifths1 Comment

The specter of segregation lay over my adolescence like so many white sheets. Rocky Mount, NC, a place for which my love is only rivaled by my antipathy, a country enclave of temporal stillness, a place still racked by the death throes of the Confederacy, the place where I learned both what it meant to…