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The Use of Racism

In Social Justice by Kevin QuinnLeave a Comment

On my best days, I walk with my head held high—over or beyond the mystifying childishness that makes a white man wonder if I belong in the airport lounge sitting next to him; or even (though it is a far harder head holding to manage) over or beyond the incomprehensible savagery that makes white police…

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What do women of color know about poetry?

In Poetry by Lara WittLeave a Comment

During a semester of my last year of high school our syllabus covered poetry. We were assigned Thomas Hardy, William Butler Yeats, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, Oscar Wilde and Alexander Pope. These writers had three things in common: they were all dead, they were all male and they were all white. I…

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The Last Soul Man Standing

In Music by Emmanuel LittleLeave a Comment

Ray. Otis. Sam. Al. Bill. Bobby. James. Curtis. Stevie. Donny. Marvin. Mere mention of this lineage of soul men instantly evokes the emotion, pain, joy, and raw authenticity of the many classic songs they’ve given us. Their songs provided the soundtracks for plenty of memorable moments – from cookouts to weddings to bedrooms and seemingly everything…

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EA Big: Shifting Sports Gaming Paradigms

In Sports by Garfield HyltonLeave a Comment

Grunting men and sneaker squeaks rush through my surround speakers, enveloping the room with sound and cradling me in its center. My fingers move in rhythm, perfectly in tune from years of repetition to control the avatars moving at breakneck speeds on my television. Just Blaze’s booming soundtrack vibrates the walls of my room. My…

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How to Stay Woke in a Room Full of Hoteps

In Culture by Brian Kennedy IILeave a Comment

The current liberation movement is under threat. Fueled by the modern lynching of Black bodies, this movement faces one of the same internal foes that have threatened Black liberation movements before it. This threat, a Black patriarchy and oppressive machismo, has been pervasive in Black liberation movements dating back to the abolition movement of the…

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When the Cameras Have Gone, Our Babies Are Dead

In Social Justice by Eve L. EwingLeave a Comment

They could be any women you might pass in the grocery store, or at the post office; they could be your coworkers or someone you recall seeing around the neighborhood. At first glance, there is little that unites them…except their eyes.  The women are ordinary enough. But their eyes—darkened, troubled, looking askance, half-lidded in sorrow—tell…

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Waxed Cotton Is Only So Protective

In Culture, Fashion by Melvin BackmanLeave a Comment

It’s not that cute. The collar’s uneven. It looks dusty. But I pined for my Barbour Beaufort for a long time. I don’t remember where I was when I found out Trayvon Martin had been shot, but I remember scrolling through timelines furiously as I and others tried to find out what happened. When we…