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You Write in Order to Change the World

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“You write in order to change the world.” More than anything else, that quotation from James Baldwin has animated our project here at Seven Scribes. We’ve been at it for a year and a half now, publishing essays, articles, commentary, art, and conversations that eschew convention for originality and value care and nuance over quickness.…

How can you defend those people?

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Why did I choose to be a public defender? I’m often asked why I would want to defend “those people,” “those monsters”. I have heard the question at every interview in my entire law school career. I didn’t have a story of escaping from a life of crime or of watching my parents or my…

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Movement Generations: On Julian Bond

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It is universally acknowledged that political and civil rights are hollow [without] economic rights, that economic and social rights without political and civil rights still may constitute slavery. And so, our struggle goes on…The struggle for political, economic, and cultural selfhood and emancipation. The struggle of all the ex-colonialists against all the ex-imperialists.” The old…

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Seven Scribes is excited to present "Vultures" in partnership with Kinfolks: a journal of black expression a journal "dedicated to thinking about blackness in its infinite permutations by publishing the work of established and emerging black artists." Read more at kinfolksquarterly.com. Photo courtesy IG:  jerriodavant It is 2012. In my second apartment since graduating college, with my…