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The First Year without Tamir

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Tamir Rice is not a martyr.   He did not die, one year ago, as another noble name on a list of noble names. While the year after his death has featured sustained cries for justice in his name and while his name has become a part of the litany that we now recite like…

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Black Genes Matter: Why BRCA Mutations Are Not Just A White Woman’s Problem

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Is breast cancer a white women’s issue? At least for cancers with a genetic component,((A BRCA mutation is a mutation in either of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, which are tumor suppressor genes. Individuals with a mutation in either gene have a significantly increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer.)) a good portion of perception…

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The NFL’s War on The Black Body

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Ohioans have dueling misery on either side of the state: In Cleveland, the Browns serve as unapologetic harbingers of misery each year. In Cincinnati, the Bengals drag fans slowly through a bright and promising season before dashing dreams during the playoffs. As an NFL fan and loyal Ohioan, I am familiar with both extremes of…

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Movement Generations: On Julian Bond

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It is universally acknowledged that political and civil rights are hollow [without] economic rights, that economic and social rights without political and civil rights still may constitute slavery. And so, our struggle goes on…The struggle for political, economic, and cultural selfhood and emancipation. The struggle of all the ex-colonialists against all the ex-imperialists.” The old…

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After Charleston-Letters from Our Readers

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In the days since 9 members of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina were brutally murdered by white supremacist Dylan Roof, many of us have been overwhelmed with feelings of grief, anger, and frustration. After the shooting, several of us at Seven Scribes shared our reactions in a series of Letters After Charleston.…

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On Charleston: Letters from the Scribes Pt. 2

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In the Shadow of the Flag - fivefifths   Long drives down Carolina state roads through dusty main streets straight out of the 1950s and miles and miles of tobacco fields. We would go from Charlotte to Elizabethtown, the tiny town of narrow roads and backyard pecan groves carved into the deep green woods of Bladen…

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On Charleston: Letters from the Scribes Pt. 1

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We Lean Towards Joy-Josie Helen   My soul lives below the Mason-Dixon line. I was born on Georgia soil, and, God willing, will die there. There is nothing like driving down the street that leads to my childhood home, where the road is lined not with streetlights or sidewalks, but countless trees that loom almost…

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The Debt

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The noose was fitted from birth.   This one, the power cord of an air conditioning unit. Plastic and wires replaced the hard hemp knot, but the end result still the same. A dead Black body; a spirit extinguished. At once a tethering and an untethering, a joining of a broken man with his broken…