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The Use of Racism

In Social Justice by Kevin QuinnLeave a Comment

On my best days, I walk with my head held high—over or beyond the mystifying childishness that makes a white man wonder if I belong in the airport lounge sitting next to him; or even (though it is a far harder head holding to manage) over or beyond the incomprehensible savagery that makes white police…

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When the Cameras Have Gone, Our Babies Are Dead

In Social Justice by Eve L. EwingLeave a Comment

They could be any women you might pass in the grocery store, or at the post office; they could be your coworkers or someone you recall seeing around the neighborhood. At first glance, there is little that unites them…except their eyes.  The women are ordinary enough. But their eyes—darkened, troubled, looking askance, half-lidded in sorrow—tell…

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Concealed Carry as a Black Woman: How Safe Are You?

In Social Justice by Tonia ThompsonLeave a Comment

Envision someone with concealed weapons permit and you’ll probably imagine a gun-totin’ redneck. But while white males do comprise the overwhelming majority of permits, Black Americans are increasingly applying to carry a gun for protection. As more threats and acts of racial violence make the news, Black people are right to fear for their safety,…

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Thank You for Your Unreasonable Demands

In News & Politics, Social Justice by Victor RayLeave a Comment

"Did you look at the demands? The demands, the things that they're asking for, many of those things are like, crazy.”—Donald Trump on the University of Missouri Protests “For as long as black students have been asking for these accommodations, critics have been painting them as unreasonable, entitled and dangerous.”—Gene Demby   To students of…

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What We Bring to Light: A Conversation with John Legend

In Art & Media, Entertainment, Social Justice by JosieLeave a Comment

John Legend has ten Grammy awards. This may be the least interesting thing about him. After all, plenty of remarkably talented musicians also choose silence— especially in times like this one, where expressing one's politics is more likely than ever to alienate potential audience. But Legend has done just the opposite. Legend has always supported…

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The Digital Souls of Black Folk

In Culture, Social Justice by Rob HendersonLeave a Comment

My best friend is white and last year, we lived together. It happened fast— my relationship with my mom had been toxic for a while and one day, in the heat of argument, I couldn’t stop myself from giving voice to the things I carry around. Things she gave me. And when you’re 23 and…

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Your Own Black Self: A Conversation with Netta

In Social Justice by Clint SmithLeave a Comment

Like so many of us, I first encountered Johnetta (Netta) Elzie via her Twitter account in August of 2014. The unrest in Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown was growing, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that what I saw on television wasn’t telling the entire story. Netta’s account, amongst others, provided on-the-ground and…