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EA Big: Shifting Sports Gaming Paradigms

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Grunting men and sneaker squeaks rush through my surround speakers, enveloping the room with sound and cradling me in its center. My fingers move in rhythm, perfectly in tune from years of repetition to control the avatars moving at breakneck speeds on my television. Just Blaze’s booming soundtrack vibrates the walls of my room. My…

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The NFL’s War on The Black Body

In Culture, Social Justice, Sports by Hanif Willis-AbdurraqibLeave a Comment

Ohioans have dueling misery on either side of the state: In Cleveland, the Browns serve as unapologetic harbingers of misery each year. In Cincinnati, the Bengals drag fans slowly through a bright and promising season before dashing dreams during the playoffs. As an NFL fan and loyal Ohioan, I am familiar with both extremes of…

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The Galveston Giant

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April 5th, 1915   The spectators still keep pouring in. The racetrack in sweltering Havana. White Americans and Europeans stream alongside Cuban men in in suits and panama hats as President Menocal looks on. Jack Johnson and Jess Willard, two giants in silk robes, step into the ring pouring sweat. Willard weighs in first, a…

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Low Post-Blackness: Race and the Status of the NBA

In Sports by B.Gram3 Comments

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is a big game hunter. His next target? The NFL. As Silver’s first full season as commissioner comes to an end he is undoubtedly still floating on cloud nine from the NBA’s new TV deal that will yield the league more than $2 billion annually, as well as the league’s new…