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Scribes at the Movies: Good Burger

In Culture, Film by Eve L. EwingLeave a Comment

Good Burger turns 18 tomorrow! Join Eve and Vann as they discuss the movie's plot, cultural significance, and artistic relevance. Art by Eve L. Ewing and Trey Smith ELE: Okay, maybe we can kick it off by talking about the music since that is a big part of why we wanted to do this. I…

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Kendrick Lamar: Shapeshifter

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A little over three months ago, Kendrick Lamar appeared on “The Colbert Report,” where he debuted an untitled song and shared his views on his self-identity in an interview with Colbert. What struck me during Kendrick’s interview was that he identifies as a writer more so than a rapper. This distinction is notable because people…

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The Galveston Giant

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April 5th, 1915   The spectators still keep pouring in. The racetrack in sweltering Havana. White Americans and Europeans stream alongside Cuban men in in suits and panama hats as President Menocal looks on. Jack Johnson and Jess Willard, two giants in silk robes, step into the ring pouring sweat. Willard weighs in first, a…

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Low Post-Blackness: Race and the Status of the NBA

In Sports by B.Gram3 Comments

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is a big game hunter. His next target? The NFL. As Silver’s first full season as commissioner comes to an end he is undoubtedly still floating on cloud nine from the NBA’s new TV deal that will yield the league more than $2 billion annually, as well as the league’s new…

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Notes of a Mortal Man: My Time with To Pimp a Butterfly

In Music by fivefifths1 Comment

I’ve had eleven days since To Pimp a Butterfly came into my life like a marauder past midnight and kept me up until the dawn. Some songs have become soundtracks to long runs around the river in the cold grip of spring mornings, some to sleeping bus rides on the way home, some to pre-meeting…