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Thank You Jamilah, and Good Luck!

In Culture by Seven Scribes Editorial BoardLeave a Comment

This week, Ebony Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux announced that she would be leaving the publication, and the editors of Seven Scribes want to officially wish her good luck on her next endeavors, and more importantly, thank her for all she has done in her tenure. Jamilah was a pioneer in shaping the online media space…

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By the Content of Cousin Pam’s Character

In Culture by Ashon Crawley1 Comment

The Cosby Show was never intended as mere entertainment. It was much more like Sesame Street teaching us letters and numbers, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood teaching us about make believe and Barney & Friends teaching us about feelings. Bill Cosby, from the very beginning, saw his role as a teacher assessing the problems of Black America…

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How to Stay Woke in a Room Full of Hoteps

In Culture by Brian Kennedy IILeave a Comment

The current liberation movement is under threat. Fueled by the modern lynching of Black bodies, this movement faces one of the same internal foes that have threatened Black liberation movements before it. This threat, a Black patriarchy and oppressive machismo, has been pervasive in Black liberation movements dating back to the abolition movement of the…

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Waxed Cotton Is Only So Protective

In Culture, Fashion by Melvin BackmanLeave a Comment

It’s not that cute. The collar’s uneven. It looks dusty. But I pined for my Barbour Beaufort for a long time. I don’t remember where I was when I found out Trayvon Martin had been shot, but I remember scrolling through timelines furiously as I and others tried to find out what happened. When we…

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Home [an irrevocable condition]

In Culture by Roberto GarciaLeave a Comment

I remember the streets. I remember the cracked and crooked sidewalks forming patterns like neurons. I’ve seen life through these patterns, made new forms, retreaded old ones, and used them all the time like stencils. Concrete is my sounding board, my advisor, and hardship my silent navigator. No matter where you go there you are.[1]…

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The Digital Souls of Black Folk

In Culture, Social Justice by Rob HendersonLeave a Comment

My best friend is white and last year, we lived together. It happened fast— my relationship with my mom had been toxic for a while and one day, in the heat of argument, I couldn’t stop myself from giving voice to the things I carry around. Things she gave me. And when you’re 23 and…

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The People You Bring With You: A Conversation with Mychal Denzel Smith

In Culture, Literature by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib1 Comment

I have, for years now, watched Mychal Denzel Smith navigate often difficult topics with surgical precision. His approach to how we wrestle with black masculinity while also fighting for women’s rights, and the rights of people of color in queer and trans communities has always pushed me forward in my journey as both a writer and someone aiming…