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This Year in Color: 2015 Seven Scribes Reading List

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So, end-of-year content sucks. Really. For every one album from February that an article reminds you was really good you get three or so recycled “Best Memes of 2015” or lists of hashtags that were popular but not all that cool anyways, and writers really struggle to remember stuff past October or so. But we…

Help Support Seven Scribes: We’re Kickstarting!

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Just four months ago we launched this site with the goal of producing content from young creators of color that could stand its own in the hectic online space. We wanted to abide by certain principles, and always make sure that we put our consumers first and made a fair space for creators, especially folks just…

Storytellers’ Guide to Storytellers, Part 1

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Part of our mission at Seven Scribes is to showcase content from young storytellers of color. We want to provide you with the best possible editorial guidance and assistance in your journey from idea to draft to readership. That mission extends beyond just those who do work with us to the greater community of budding…

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After Charleston-Letters from Our Readers

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In the days since 9 members of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina were brutally murdered by white supremacist Dylan Roof, many of us have been overwhelmed with feelings of grief, anger, and frustration. After the shooting, several of us at Seven Scribes shared our reactions in a series of Letters After Charleston.…