Josie Helen is co-Chief Scribe of Seven Scribes, a staff writer at Daily Kos, and a lawyer. She's from Atlanta.

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What We Bring to Light: A Conversation with John Legend

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John Legend has ten Grammy awards. This may be the least interesting thing about him. After all, plenty of remarkably talented musicians also choose silence— especially in times like this one, where expressing one's politics is more likely than ever to alienate potential audience. But Legend has done just the opposite. Legend has always supported…

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Who’s Responsible for Mass Incarceration?

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Two major articles by criminal justice experts last week roundly criticized Hillary Clinton for her support of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. Both pieces are brilliant— I suggest you read them— and I fundamentally agree with their analysis of how the Clinton administration's use of tough-on-crime rhetoric perpetuated the demonization…

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Movement Generations: On Julian Bond

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It is universally acknowledged that political and civil rights are hollow [without] economic rights, that economic and social rights without political and civil rights still may constitute slavery. And so, our struggle goes on…The struggle for political, economic, and cultural selfhood and emancipation. The struggle of all the ex-colonialists against all the ex-imperialists.” The old…

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On Charleston: Letters from the Scribes Pt. 1

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We Lean Towards Joy-Josie Helen   My soul lives below the Mason-Dixon line. I was born on Georgia soil, and, God willing, will die there. There is nothing like driving down the street that leads to my childhood home, where the road is lined not with streetlights or sidewalks, but countless trees that loom almost…