Israel Daramola
Israel Daramola is a writer interested in filmmaking, societal behavior, popular culture, blackness and basketball. He's also a photographer, engineer and believer that science really is magic. Catch him in Washington DC when he's not playing tennis on the moon with Don Cornelius.

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Be Real Black For Me: A Review of “Dope”

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Recently, I went to see the film Dope: a movie that’s reminiscent of the 80s goofballs-get-into-wild-misadventures genre of broad comedies. The film follows a high-school senior named Malcolm (played by Shameik Moore), a socially awkward kid with an obsession with the 90s that he shares with his two best friends Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) and Jib…

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Crisis: How Sickle Cell Made Me Confront My Mortality

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Technically, I have sickle cell anemia.   “Technically,” because I have a condition that should put me in the hospital every week from weariness and intense pain, and yet I've somehow been lucky enough to live life mostly free from these symptoms. I've seen people ravaged and worn down by this disease, going in and…