Afro Brasil

A short film showcases an African-American writer and filmmaker's journey to connect with Afro-Brazilians over shared roots.

A year ago, I decided to quit a Portuguese language course at the University of São Paulo, because I felt that the professors failed to represent the Afro-Brazilian and indigenous culture in their so called history lesson. Later that day, I found myself sitting in my apartment reading Langston Hughes’ Always the Same, a poem that addresses the global issue of racism and injustice. I thought to myself, here we go again. Once again, people like me have been erased. Just like in the United States, I knew that if I wanted to learn about the African experience in Brazil, I was going to have to dig deep.

After making friends with Afro-Brazilians in São Paulo, and listening to their experiences with race and identity, I decided to film their stories and share it with an American audience. Before I knew it, I was hopping on subways across the city to speak with various people, some whom I met that day. I learned a great deal from this experience and this conversation has opened my eyes to a new view of Brazil. We talked racism, higher education, spirituality and more in this in-depth conversation. In this film, you’ll meet Afro-Brazilian artists, entrepreneurs, educators and more. Get familiar with a Brazilian experience that the media doesn’t show.

About the Authors:
Published by Stephen J. Grant
Stephen J. Grant is an African American writer and author currently in living in São Paulo, Brasil. He has appeared on sites such as Paste Magazine, The Huffington Post, Brasil Wire and more. For more information visit his site at: View all posts by Stephen J. Grant

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